Tilman Brembs, „Himmel über Berlin 3“, 2015, digitale Fotografie, 24x30cm


Though half the city might be away on holiday and most art galleries are also on summer break, there are of course still plenty of scrumptious things to see for the insatiable Berliner art-caterpillar. Thank awesomeness that ARTBerlin is here to serve you the delicacies of this month before we muscle up for Berlin Art Week in September!

Melhus 2009 Mars Survivors (Tryptich)-Web


Ebensperger´s Centre of the World

Die Affinität zum O-Ton „Seltsamen“ ist nicht nur der vielbeschworene Rote Faden der sich durch das Ausstellungsprogramm der Galerie Ebensperger zieht, es ist auch die betont lässige Attitüde von Patrick Ebensperger und Sebastian Hoffmann die sie auf recht angenehme Weise von so manch hochtrabenden Galerie Kollegen unterscheidet.
Umso mehr Grund für uns die beiden in Österreich zu besuchen, wo sie heute, am 23. Juli, ihre neue Dependance mit der Groupshow „Centre of the World“ – in ja genau, Salzburg,
wo sonst, eröffnen!




Plenty of art to go see this month in Berlin, so pack your umbrella and wellies, or escape the flood and get a ticket to idyllic Bad Gastein in Austria!

PUPPENHAUS 16mm film transferred to video 2007 loop colour silent by DISTRUKTUR


Project space Cafuné

Due to our Brazilian month we want to introduce you to a new temporary project space in Neukölln called Cafuné. The two heads behind it come from, you maybe guessed, Brazil, and their approach is dedicated to the experimentation and development of contemporary dialogues between the northern and southern hemispheres. On top they have an amazing programme planned for 48 Stunden Neukölln, so we thought it an ideal time for a quick chat with Ingrid & Olav before the weekend kicks off!

Marguerite Humeau-RIDDLE-Schinkel-Pavillon-Credit-Le-Studio-Humain-for-Marguerite-Humeau



We’re back with the trusted ARTBerlin exhibition highlights for this month, including the Sprengel Museum in Hannover, our Brazilian month and the Schinkel Pavillon.
Let us take you on a virtual tour of our exclusive art event calendar…

Nat Navi : They:Them : soundcloud.com:natnavi

Non-Binary Portraits

Our friends from Curated by GIRLS will present an exhibition featuring works by Canadian artist Laurence Philomène, at coGalleries. The opening will be this friday, 19th of may and the show will focus on the photographer’s “Non- Binary Portraits” series.
Their aim is to dedicate the show to a diversity of trans & non-binary individuals who are usually under-represented in mainstream media.
An aim we wholeheartedly support!

„Presencia“ Performance von Regina José Galindo (2017) in der Elpidos Straße (führt zum Victoria Square)


documenta 14 Athens #d14

Documenta in der griechischen Hauptstadt, Kunst am Kulturort. Neben vielen anderen Performances, haben wir am Kotzia Square an der des pakistanisches Künstlers Rasheed Araeen teilgenommen. Menschen wurden zum Mittelpunkt einer intimen Kommunikation; auch wir. Der Ansatz ‚Food for Thought: Thought for Change‘ funktionierte. Fazit für uns, wir lernten von Athen und vor allem von den Athenern.
Die Essenz dieser Performance, das war für uns die documenta in Athen.

Departure by Matthew Coleman A1 PRINT FINAL



Following our unofficial Gallery Weekend Guide, and the tips by author David Baum, we bring you the ultimate exit Gallery Weekend groupshow curated by Nicholas Huffstutter and hosted by the infamous Hans Peter Kögeböhn aka HP aka ex-kinzo! But it wouldn´t be complete without the element of music with these guys, so it comes to no surprise that Julija Goyd’s videos for 2raumwohnung, and the remixes by Dj Koze, Ricardo Villalobos, and Chi Thanh will be presented as „cherry on the top element“ of the exhibition!
Wedding here we come!

Adam Chad Brody & Julia Colavita, Gem Drug, 2015…2 minutes Kopie


unofficial gallery weekend guide

How lucky are we, that this year’s Gallery Weekend is just right before a national holiday? Keeping that in mind, it is much easier for us to cut sleep for good and attend as much exhibitions as possible. 47 galleries are officially opening and about the same amount of guides are telling you which ones you shouldn’t miss. But we want to share our must-sees that aren’t part of the offical programm. Enjoy!

Kevin A. Rausch: The End were we starts 180x300cm MT Leinwand

KEVIN A. RAUSCH today – tomorrow – yesterday

Fernab aller idealisierten Darstellungen und ästhetischen Regeln gibt Kevin Rausch als Vertreter einer neuen kompromisslosen Malerei der Gegenwartskunst bei KÖPPE CONTEMPORARY neue Impulse.

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