22.01 - 24.01.2015  


Berlin’s top art openings (22nd-24th Jan): Schering Stiftung, C/O Berlin, Buchmann Galerie, Capitain Petzel and Esther Schipper

Vernissage / Schering Stiftung

Thursday 22nd January – 7pm until 9pm

Hot on the heels of CYBERFEST this past December and looking ahead to the upcoming transmediale festival of art and technology, January is primed to be the perfect month for New Media here in Berlin. Get your fix early and often, beginning this weekend with a visit to Schering Stiftung for a mind-melting installation from New Media all-stars Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen.  

Schering Stiftung // Unter den Linden 32-34, 10117 Berlin

Vernissage / C/O Berlin

Friday 23rd January – 7pm

An opening at C/O Berlin never fails to impress and amaze; of course, when the offering is three for the price of one, your odds just went through the roof. Whatever you do, don’t miss all of the exciting offerings this Friday night at C/O Berlin, and pay special attention to „Blow Up,“ an exhibition exploring the fraught relationship between film and photography in the most subtle and scintillating way possible. 

C/O Berlin // Hardenbergstraße 22-24, 10623 Berlin

Vernissage / Buchmann Galerie

Friday 23rd January – 7pm until 9pm

Buchmann Galerie is one of Berlin’s hidden gems, a quiet, unassuming blue-chip bastion of clever curation and unique taste. If you have a penchant for sculpture and find yourself unable to get your fix elsewhere, Buchmann Galerie is the place to go, and there’s never been more reason to make the trip than this Friday’s vernissage for the upcoming Wilhelm Mundt show. Merging the pop-art aesthetics of Jeff Koons with the power and weight of works by Henry Moore or Auguste Rodin, Mundt’s organic, absurdist objects are not to be missed.  

Buchmann Galerie // Charlottenstraße 13, 10969 Berlin

Vernissage / Capitain Petzel

Friday 23rd January – 6pm until 8:30pm

If you can imagine David La Chapelle documenting the early days of the French revolution you might just have some sense of the extraordinary work on display this coming weekend from Yael Bartana at Capitain Petzel. Smooth, bright, sharp and utterly alluring, Bartana’s photography is a force to be reckoned with. 

Capitain Petzel // Karl-Marx-Allee 45, 10178 Berlin 

Vernissage / Esther Schipper

Friday 23rd January – 6pm until 9pm

The free-wheeling, high-flying, conceptually rich and courageously euphoric work of AA Bronson comes to Esther Schipper this weekend for an opening that is sure to be one for the books. If you’re familiar with the legendary art collective General Idea co-founded by Bronson in 1969 than you know this is one exhibition not to be missed, and if you’ve yet to encounter Bronson’s unique, uninhibited art-making, than boy are you in for a treat.

Esther Schipper // Schöneberger Ufer 65, 10785 Berlin

Top Image Credit: Richard Hamilton Courtesy of C/O Berlin