What does it mean to make, collect, and experience art today?

Exhibition Highlight 

What does it mean to make, collect, and experience art today?

Explore perspectives around collection, exhibiting and creating art with the InfoPunkt collective at Gallery Gebr. Lehmann Berlin – Opening January 15th, 2016

Works from the collection – Gallery Gebr. Lehmann

What does it mean to make, collect, and experience art today? How do we collect without possessing? Is the online art world any more public or accessible than its material counterpart?

If ever these questions popped up in your mind, you might find answers or a change of perspective on January 15th when Gallery Gebr. Lehmann Berlin will invite to the opening of “Works from the Collection” – a show curated by Burkhard Beschow, Anne Fellner and Hendrik Niefeld alias InfoPunkt.

Ausstellungsansicht mit Arbeit von Alex Vivian

Since 2011, InfoPunkt has been exploring the latest form of collection: liking, sharing, and favoriting works by a selection of artists online. For the show, their online ‘acquisitions’ will move from the screen to the gallery space of Gebr. Lehmann in Kreuzberg.

The collective is far away from getting melancholic about the fact that the nature of creating and collecting art has been radically altered by our digital way of life. InfoPunkt takes a view on collecting as a form of a storyboard or mind map. Both being ever changing and changeable compilation of idols, a treasury of admired works. They perceive the collection as travelling alongside the artists, accompanying or haunting them in their journey.

InfoPunkt is also challenging the definition of an exhibition within this context between the virtual and “real” world. For them the exhibition is a ruptured moment of tangibility in an increasingly untouchable world and therefore an opportunity for a physical happening. Sounds a bit sad? Well, lets get together and see how art can create touch points by exploring works from Burkhard Beschow, Anne Fellner, Conor Backman, Sami Eschmann, Tom Fellner, Natalie Häusler, Tilman Hornig, Julian Irlinger, Quintessa Matranga, Michael O‘Mahony, Annie Pearlman, Rare Candy & Rowan Oliver, Ander Rennick, Kerim Seiler, Camilla Steinum and Alex Vivian.

Exhibition // Gallery
 Gebr. Lehmann Berlin

„Works from the Collection“
Opening: January 15th at 6 pm
Duration of the exhibition: 16.1.-27.2.2016

Gallery Gebr. Lehmann Berlin / Lindenstr. 35, 10969 Berlin


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