International Light Art Award 2017


International Light Art Award 2017

Never heard of Unna yet? Don’t worry, just like us. But that changed for a very good reason: A visit to The Centre for International Light Art – the world’s only museum for light art. The museum is hosting the second International Light Art Award this year and gave us the chance to join a preview of the works of the three finalists Satoru Tamura, Tilman Küntzel and collaborators Vroegop/Schoonveld. Shine a light!

Olafur Eliasson „Der reflektierende Korridor Entwurf zum Stoppen des freien Falls“ im Zentrum für internationale Lichtkunst Unna, am 26. Oktober 2012

The Museum

Located in a former beer brewery, you find the museum in the underground, which creates an almost reverent and dark atmosphere as soon as you enter the space. The permanent exhibition shows pieces by James Turrell, Olafur Eliasson and Jan van Munster, just to name a few. Their works fit the industrial space perfectly and your senses get challenged by an impressive range of different light installations – from heavy flashing to very soft and charming pieces. Each one of them was created specificially for the museum.

James Turrell, "Floater" - Zentrum für internationale Lichtkunst, Unna
James Turrell, „Floater“ – Zentrum für internationale Lichtkunst, Unna

International Light Art Award

Every room is an intense experience itself. Not only will you notice your eyes and brain starting to play tricks on you, but also the impact of different light settings on your soul, mood and feelings. From works that come with a certain aggressiveness to works being as simple as beautiful. After all these impressions you will be in the right mind-set for the works oft he 2017 International Light Art Award.

The winners of the International Light Award will be announced on the evening of April 21. One day after the announcement the three works of the finalists will be on show for the public. We recommend you to book the next train to go see it.

Meet the three finalists

First, there is Satoru Tamura from Japan who created the work ‘Point of contact for Unna’ and you will only believe it when you see it. Why? Because it works like an exaggerated electric switch between a steel plate and brass bars. Yeah right, it is hard to imagine. But when they meet, they create beautiful, powerful sparks making it hard to ever wanting to stop watching it. Behind that, there are flickering bulbs. Art meeting science blowing your mind.

Saturo Tamura ‘Point of contact for Unna’, ILAA 2017

Saturo Tamura ‘Point of contact for Unna’, ILAA 2017

Saturo Tamura ‘Point of contact for Unna’, ILAA 2017

Next to name is Tilman Küntzel from Berlin who created the chandelier to rule them all. Made out of crystal glass and 40 bulbs on the inside, the works is lying on the floor, flickering it’s way to every light art’s fan. Accompanied by fascinating flicking sounds, the feeling that comes with the work almost reminds on famous movie scenes, when someone opens a treasure for the first time after a hard journey looking for it.

Tilman Küntzel, ILAA 2017

Tilman Küntzel Lüsterskizze, Zentrum für Lichtkunst, Unna

The work of the Dutch collaborators Vroegop and Schoonveld is made out of 200 turning lamps in black and white, regularly rotating in a large spiral form. If you ever watched ‚the most satisfying video’, this one is for you. Just like human, the work is made out of fragmented data creating a greater good.

Vroegop/Schoonveld, ILAA 2017

Vroegop/Schoonveld, ILAA 2017

Luckily we are not part of the jury that has to choose from these three beautiful works. But we sure know that Unna gets a heart-shaped mark on our art map.

Exhibition & International Light Art Award

Centre for International Light Art
Opening: Saturday, April 22; 1-7pm
Exhibition: Apr. 22 – ongoing, 2017
Lindenplatz 1, 59423 Unna

Author: Saskia Wichert

Photo Credit: Frank Vinken

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