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  2. 01Artist Semra Sevin turns the KaleidoscopeFEATURE
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  12. 02Artist Semra Sevin turns the KaleidoscopeFEATURE
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  14. 02Foto 15 Portraitreflection_GaleTattersallAndSon
  15. 02Foto 14 _MG_2980
  16. 02Foto 13 IMG_4041_REglam_SiteE
  17. 02Foto 12 AfricanAmericanCherokee02b
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  20. 02Foto 09 _Olivia Berckemeyer unretuschiert
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  22. 03Artist Semra Sevin turns the KaleidoscopeFEATURE
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  24. 03Foto 15 Portraitreflection_GaleTattersallAndSon
  25. 03Foto 14 _MG_2980
  26. 03Foto 13 IMG_4041_REglam_SiteE
  27. 03Foto 12 AfricanAmericanCherokee02b
  28. 03Foto 11 Braut 1
  29. 03Foto 10 REglam Site
  30. 03Foto 09 _Olivia Berckemeyer unretuschiert
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  32. 04Artist Semra Sevin turns the KaleidoscopeFEATURE
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  34. 04Foto 15 Portraitreflection_GaleTattersallAndSon
  35. 04Foto 14 _MG_2980
  36. 04Foto 13 IMG_4041_REglam_SiteE
  37. 04Foto 12 AfricanAmericanCherokee02b
  38. 04Foto 11 Braut 1
  39. 04Foto 10 REglam Site
  40. 04Foto 09 _Olivia Berckemeyer unretuschiert
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  42. 05Artist Semra Sevin turns the KaleidoscopeFEATURE
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  44. 05Foto 15 Portraitreflection_GaleTattersallAndSon
  45. 05Foto 14 _MG_2980
  46. 05Foto 13 IMG_4041_REglam_SiteE
  47. 05Foto 12 AfricanAmericanCherokee02b
  48. 05Foto 11 Braut 1
  49. 05Foto 10 REglam Site
  50. 05Foto 09 _Olivia Berckemeyer unretuschiert


    Food Still Telse Bus. courtesy: Michael Bennett

    Restaurants to eat and dance at Sylvester

    Where to Dine on NYE in Berlin?

    Still in need for an idea of where to celebrate NYE with your friends? We picked for you our 3 favourite restaurants for a decadent dinner and a dance after.


    Pauly Saal

    Eat at Pauly Saal & drink at Pauly Bar in a Jewish Girls School on Augustrasse if you want it all: regional star winning food, art and an elegant crowd.


    A beautiful Bar Club Restaurant


    Crackers is a former hip nightclub turned sexy restaurant with a delicious high quality menu and well designed interior on Friedrichstrasse in Berlin Mitte.




    Ula: Der neue Japaner serviert den Sake traditionell kalt

    Das Ula liegt versteckt in Berlin Mitte, sieht ein bisschen aus wie NYC und kombiniert feine japanische Küche mit traditionellen Sake-Variationen. Wir haben un...


    Exhibition & Party

    PAMPERO APPARTEMENT is back for one night

    This Saturday (Oct 6th) the legendary PAMPERO APPARTEMENT will return for one night at Atelierhof Kreuzberg with a group exhibition, music by Hugo Capablanca an...

    Hotels mit Kunstsammlung


    Hotels for the art scene

    QT Sydney

    QT Sydney is one of the hippest art hotels in town - dripping with magnificent art deco and gothic inspired architecture it sits in the heart of Sydney.


    Hotel Guide for the art scene

    Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm

    Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm is a blend of French and German elegance situated just off Kurfürstendamm in West Berlin, home to art and shopping galore.


    Gastwerk Hotel Hamburg

    Gastwerk Hotel Hamburg, a member of Design Hotels, is a behemoth industrial landmark converted into an elegant, cosy space with a stunning room interior.

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