„…land of the future“?


„…land of the future“?

Due to the positive responses we extended our Brazilian month and are now finishing it with a young and upcoming artist from Rio de Janeiro. Tahian Bhering is working in Berlin since 2016 and will continue to do so the next year. His current works are great examples of the strong geometrical visual influence that still thrives in Brasil in contemporary art, inspired and combinded with urban structures. They show also his quick mind and strong talent in transforming the things and structures he encounters onto canvas.
His show is on display till the 26th of august at the MZ project room by Maia Zinc.

Urban shards & charts, acrylics on canvas, 30 x 30, 2016

Urban shards & charts, acrylics on canvas, 30 x 30, 2016

What was your motive to leave Rio de Janeiro and come to Berlin?

My relationship with this city was really like love at first time since I came here in 2009. For me it´s really amazing all the possibilities it has to offer, we can easily meet people from all over the world in a very “laid back” mood, that in my opinion is a little more relaxed than in other major cosmopolitan capitals.
Over the last years I developed some cultural & artistic projects between Brazil, Europe and Asia, and also founded a collective art studio with a pinch of coworking vibe in Rio, Atelier Codorna. While the studio is still running back in Rio, for me it was time to leave my homeland one more time to explore and create new things and relationships in a (not so) new place.  

Fahrbereitschaft, acrylics on canvas, 50 x 40, 2016

Fahrbereitschaft, acrylics on canvas, 50 x 40, 2016

Rio’s urban structure and powerful images is one of a kind, i sometimes felt like there is a certain rhythm to it, do you feel the same with Berlin?
And if so please describe it!

Regarding Berlin it´s a very hard question, but I am trying to find this answer as well, exploring this city’s spaces and rhythms piece by piece. As far as I could observe and absorb the “zeitgeist” here is more diverse and chaotic than in Rio, even though brazilian culture is famous for being a mixing pot, somewhat antropofagic still. I really appreciate stumbling in the green areas and parks, maybe that compensates a little bit the lack of “natural beauty” when comparing to Rio, that in this case needs not much explanation I guess. About the philosophical ideal of beauty Berlin is head to head with Rio, as the only thing I am sure about it is that is completely linked or bonded with diversity and being able to coexist and cooperate together, surpassing any cultural differences. I have to say that definitely Berlin also has it’s unique “spice”.

The  title of your exhibition is in German „Land der Zukunft…?  Are you referring to Berlin or also to Brazil?

To both of them, in a kaleidoscopic riddle. In fact, apart from this puzzling part I’m much more interested in the present, and for this reason I’m not keen to address these places in a separate way… I am really more inclined to bring them closer and closer, building the transatlantic bridge, living in the flux.

The river and the rivals, acrylics on canvas, 24 x 18, 2016

The river and the rivals, acrylics on canvas, 24 x 18, 2016

Explain a little how you work, what is going on in your mind?

In the paintings being presented at Maia-Zink gallery, I investigate the beauty that may lie in broken visuals or broken signs we can find in big cities such as Berlin and Rio.The communication that lost its function, that’s decaying by natural reasons or plain abandonment is where normally my eyes are going, looking for the silent testimonials of human activity that was left behind by some reason. To quote a dear friend from Berlin (Emilija Skarnulyte) her artistic work and research, sometimes for me it feels like we are doing an “archeology from the future”, looking onto the remains of our times.

Whats next for you?

Still in 2017 I’m really looking forward to presenting a totally fresh photographic series, to be presented only when the winter comes. Other than that I’m also taking the painting series to some new directions proposing collaboration with other artists doing a kind of iconoclast fragmentation of their work and blending them on my paintings.


„…land of the future“?

by Tahian Bhering

MZ project room maia zinc | 29.07 – 26.08.2017
Kyffhäuserstraße 16, 10781 Berlin

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