29.01 - 31.01.2015 


Berlin’s best art (29th-31st Jan): Galerie Tanja Wagner, carlier | gebauer, Galerie Nagel Draxler, Rudolf11 Workspace and PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art

Vernissage / Galerie Tanja Wagner

Friday 30th January – 7pm

Baby it’s cold outside — the snow has already started to fall and spring is a long way away, so why not indulge in a little artistic staycation to take your mind off the frigid ides of winter at hand. Make your way to Galerie Tanja Wagner on Friday night by 7pm and you’ll find yourself whisked away on a journey through „time, constructed spaces, and assembled narratives“ thanks to the enticing, entrancing and utterly enthralling video and performance work of  Kapwani Kawanga. You’ll never want to come home.

Galerie Tanja Wagner // Pohlstraße 64, 10785 Berlin

Vernissage / carlier | gebauer

Friday 30th January – 6pm until 9pm

This weekend at the warm and welcoming carlier | gebauer, the exceptional Lisbon-based artist Emily Wardill will present the premier of her hypnotic new film „When You Fall Into a Trance.“ Like great currywurst or happy hipsters, exceptional video art is hard to find, which makes a piece like Wardill’s all the more worthy of recognition. 

carlier | gebauer // Markgrafenstraße 67, 10969 Berlin

Vernissage / Galerie Nagel Draxler

Friday 30th January – 7pm

Mark Dion’s explorations of the anthropocene era delve into the complex interactions between man and environment with unwavering honesty and an eye toward the archive. This world-renowned thinker and maker spends most of his time creating large-scale shows for some of the most significant art institutions on the planet, so you won’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity to experience his work in the intimate space of the white cube, courtesy of Galerie Nagel Draxler.

Galerie Nagel Draxler // Weydingerstraße 2/4, 10178 Berlin

Vernissage / Rudolf11 Workspace

Friday 30th January – 8pm until 11pm

Tabea Mathern has shot one still life a week for a full year, and this Friday night the public at large will have the opportunity to revel in the astonishing results of this endearing experiment. Although we have all become far too familiar with the art of the selfie, the still life remains an under-explored subject for modern photography, and Mathern’s whitty, whimsical compositions serves as the perfect reminder that objects are just as interesting as individuals, and that even at the apex of the digital age the still life has much to offer us aesthetically and conceptually.

Rudolf11 Workspace // Rudolfstraße 11, 10245 Berlin

Vernissage / PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art

Saturday 31st January – 7pm

The question of patronage has plagued the art world for centuries, and yet Chris Evans manages to bring new vitality to the discourse through his aggressive performative inquiry on full display at PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art this coming weekend. Evans sifts through questions of occupation, remuneration, opportunity and dedication with a delicate mix of wit and wisdom, weaving together a narrative both preposterous and profound.

PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art // Alexandrinenstraße 118-121, 10969 Berlin

Top Image Credit: Emily Wardill, When You Fall Into a Trance, 2013, video still © Courtesy of the artist and carlier | gebauer

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Gallery Weekend Berlin

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