Openings, Events, Parties in Berlin

Top 5 Openings 

Openings, Events, Parties in Berlin

Berlin’s best summer openings (24th – 26th July): The House of The 28 Doors, vernissages at Contemporary Food Lab; Urban Spree, artist skill exchange at Agora

Vernissage / ‘Reste’ at Urban Spree 

Friday 25th July – 7pm

Favourite Friedrichshain venue Urban Spree has quite the schedule this Friday evening, starting with a retrospective on the work of German artist Elfi Brandt from the last 15 years. Entitled ‘Reste’ the show will be held in the building’s upstairs gallery and display a collection of Brandt’s collages and sculptures, made in the tradition of pop-art’s ‘ready-mades’ from the sixties. Following the opening check out the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week launch party, which will be happening downstairs.

Urban Spree // Revealer Straße 99, 10245 Berlin 

Vernissage / Christiane Löhr at Contemporary Food Lab 

Friday 25th July – 7pm 

The beauty and repetition found in nature is by no means a new artistic theme yet one which never ceases to amaze. Enthralled by the gifts Mother Nature has to offer, German artist Christiane Löhr uses natural materials such as plant stalks, dandelions, ivy and thistle seeds in her latest exhibition ‘Verdrängen’ to create small-scale sculptures. Reminiscent of everyday objects, these artworks are tiny pieces of incredibly intricate architecture, petite in stature but deceptively durable. 

Contemporary Food Lab // Bergstraße 22, 10115 Berlin 

Vernissage / ‚The House of The 28 Doors‘ at Tempelhof

Saturday 26th July – 5 until 8pm 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or perhaps just not in Berlin) for the past few weeks it’s likely that you’ve heard of the recent and ongoing struggle of the lives of the refugees who were occupying the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule in Kreuzberg. Although a tragic predicament, the event raised a lot of awareness both nationally and globally about the struggles current EU refugees face, and the upcoming exhibition ‘The House of The 28 Doors’ will carry on in the same vein. Dedicated to the refugees who have lost their lives at the external borders of Europe, the project will feature the artwork of Berlin- Dresden artist group BEWEGUNG NURR, as well as a whole series of panel discussions, workshops and events over the next week.  

Tempelhofer Feld // Main entrance Oderstrasse, Berlin 

Skill Exchange / Artist collaborations at Agora 

Saturday 26th July – 6 until 9pm 

Neukölln hub Agora will open its doors this Saturday to give Berlin’s artistic community the chance to meet its newest artists in residence, a handful of creatives from across the globe. The recently arrived artists have been settling in and gleaning a whole set of new skills from each other, including “the world famous Texan Tree-Climbing Technique, How to make your own Jeff Koons [and trash it]” and “How not to pay your rent”. If you want in on these essential life skills you can join in a series of open workshops on the evening, or even propose your own ten minute workshop imparting wisdom of your own. 

Agora // Mittelweg 50, 12053 Berlin