Openings, Events, Parties in Berlin

03.07 - 05.07.14 

Openings, Events, Parties in Berlin

Berlin’s openings, exhibitions and art events (3rd – 5th July): Openings at Morgen Contemporary; 401Contemporary, the Käthe-Kollwitz-Preis

Award ceremony &  opening / Käthe-Kollwitz-Preis 2014, Corinne Wasmuht

Thursday 3rd July – 7pm 

This week the 54th Käthe-Kollwitz-Preis will be awarded to Berlin-based painter Corinne Wasmuht. The jury stated that her work is “characterized by originality, inventiveness and high scenic quality. Over the past twenty years, the Berliner has created large-format oil paintings on wood that convince beyond the mainstream…” Looking at the intricately layered, cosmic yet urban landscapes it is clear why. The awards ceremony will be followed by the opening of the award exhibition, which will present 20 oil paintings by the artist spanning 1991 to 2013. 

ADK // Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin

Vernissage / ‘Talent’ at 401 Contemporary 

Friday 4th July – 6pm

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘talent’? The ability to touch your nose with your tongue? The ability to play the piano and compose, as Mozart did, aged 5? Room for interpretation here is clearly very broad, an idea which upcoming show ‘Talent’ explores through the work of twelve young international artists. Challenging the views of the art world, the artist and the viewer, ‘Talent’ will encourage discussion about this all elusive quality. Whether there will be any promising talent on display? That’s up for you to decide. 

401 Contemporary // Potsdamer Str. 81B, 10785 Berlin 

Vernissage / ‘Wild – Animals in Contemporary Photography’ 

Friday 4th July – 7pm 

Producing images of animals is by no means a new concept. For thousands of years we’ve been fascinated by these other creatures we share the planet with, but our relationship with them today varies from enlightenment to a deep alienation. From pets and sacred creatures to food and scientific subjects, the roles animals play in our lives is undeniably important. In the exhibition ‘Wild’ over 35 photographers will present our relationship with animals in all of its forms, the good, the bad and the heartbreakingly ugly. 

Alfred Erhardt Foundation // Augustr. 75, 10117 Berlin

Vernissage / Clemens Tremmel ‚Ur‘

Friday 4th July – 7pm 

If ever there were a time when Iceland would appear to be ‘in vogue’ it would be now. The destination of many recreational trips and a place of seemingly bountiful inspiration, the country is the main focus of painter Clemens Tremmel’s latest exhibition. Housed at Morgen Contemporary, the show will reveal snatches of Icelandic landscapes, viewers denied the ‘original’ picture thanks to a process whereby the artist destroys his work upon completion. On this working process Tremmel “calls upon us to consciously register what has been lost, both in us and in the picture.” 

Morgen Contemporary // Ackerstr. 162, 10115 Berlin 

Top Image Credit: Hypnose (2014) by Alexandra Baumgartner. Courtesy of the artist & 401contemporary