Openings, Events, Parties in Berlin

28.02 - 01.03.14 

Openings, Events, Parties in Berlin

Berlin’s top art events for this weekend (Feb 28th – March 1st 2014): Openings at Peres Projects & KOW, The Mask Project and KIK at Kino International.

Vernissage / KIK ONE at Kino International

Friday 28th February – 9pm

If you haven’t had the good fortune of visitng the glamorous, old school Kino International, take the chance to do so this weekend with their very first edition of ‚KIK‘ – Kino International Kunst. Celebrating the series with an opening party and initital show, this installment will be a group exhibition featuring artists such as Despina Stokou, Römer + Römer and Neukolln based husband-wife artist duo GODsDOGs. Appropriately given the venue, the focus will be on video art, with a screening at 11pm.

 Kino International / Karl-Marx-Allee 33, 10178 Berlin

Vernissage / ‚In the Stomach of the Predators‘ at KOW

Friday 28th February – 6pm

 The third stage in a joint project initiated in 2012, ‚In the Stomach of the Predators‘ addresses what Creischer refers to as “A Study in Apocalyptics” – an exploration of the predatory nature of today’s capitalism. Through metaphorical sculptures and then a deluge of statistics and cold hard facts, Creischer confronts the viewer with issues of privatisation and monopolisation. The counterpart of the show by her artistic partner, Andreas Siekmann, will be held at Galerie Barbara Weiss, presenting the same topic through a completely different perspective.

 KOW // Brunnenstrasse 9, 10119 Berlin

Vernissage / ‚Landscapes with Water‘ at Peres Projects

Saturday 1st March – 6pm

The latest show at Peres Projects does exactly what it says on the tin, presenting a series of landscapes with water by American artist Dan Attoe. Drawn from the peripeherals of Attoe’s mind, the landscapes are all fictitious scenes either based on places the artist once visited, or are inspired by a mixture of pop culture and other modern visual imagery. Attoe explains, “With this body of work, I’m playing with the character of these places and trying to make images that have some kind of deeper meaning.  

Peres Projects // Karl-Marx-Allee 82, 10243 Berlin  

Pop up Event / The Mask Project

Saturday 1st March – 2pm

Each of us has a range of ‚masks‘ we put on every day. From happy to sad, professional to casual, real, human emotion is conveyed through a wonderfully complex spectrum. In ‚The Mask Project‘, a group of artists are exploring what mask culture means today in regards to different people and segments of society. The event, housed at shipping container Platoon Kunsthalle, will feature videos, workshops and presentations on the subject, ending with an afterparty. Among the artists involved are German street artist Base 23, musician of Burkinabé traditional music Moussa Coulibaly and ubiquitous technician Prosthetics / Animatronics expert Anklepants; immediately recognisable thanks to his penis ’nose‘. 

Platoon Kunsthalle // Schönhauser Allee 9, 10119 Berlin