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Paz de la Huerta

About the astonishing Paz de la Huerta who shows us her adventurous mind through her body, strolling around NYC, shedding her clothes and giving us the princess in her who is longing for a human touch.

Paz de la Huerta I love you magazinePaz de la HuertaPaz de la Huerta

About art in a new form

This is not exactly about art in its pure form. But in its very subtile one.

The actress Paz de la Huerta, Zac Posen’s muse with this special kind of dark aura, spent six hours with the German photographer Marcus Gaab in New York City. Gaab, who is married to Berlin’s I LOVE YOU MAGAZINE publisher Christiane Bördner, followed her all over Manhatten when Paz de la Huerta played the lost Brazilian princess “Paloma”. Palima ist a kind of second self she had created. According to Marcus Gaab she is definitivly someone challenging: “You just have to deal with what she’s doing. We had to invent tricks, and sometimes I had to keep on filming or shooting so she had something to focus on, because otherwise you don’t know what she’s going to do next.”

Well, have a look an you will know why

I love you

I LOVE YOU magazine was apparently more than happy when they got to know that the huge luxury blog NOWNESS would have featured them at their pick of the day. Its fourth issue is out now, featuring the lost princess on the cover story. Go and get it for you, I highly recommend this treasure anyway as for me it is the only magazine out there right now which really goes beneath surface.

i love you magazine

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