Collector Interviews with fineartmultiple

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Collector Interviews with fineartmultiple

We teamed up with fineartmultiple to interview some of Berlin’s finest art collectors. Here is our first one with Matthias Birkholz, the co-founder of SMAC.

fineartmultiple is all about artist editions and multiples.

The team behind fineartmultiple is a wild yet finely tuned mix of art historians, fashion writers, curators, marketing and media whizzkids who strive to bring together a fine selection of art editions, from rare hidden gems to totemic artist pieces, all at affordable prices.

The founders Roman Maria Koidl, his sister Dr. Nina Koidl, and the team celebrated the launch of the online platform fineartmultiple at last year’s Berlin Art Week. What we especially like about the project is that it brings a collaborative feel to the art world: if you search for an edition by Olafur Eliasson or Georg Baselitz, for example, you will be shown all their available multiples provided by fineartmultiple’s different gallery and producer partners.

In the Collectors Lounge you can also sell works from your own collection. To keep it fresh, the editorial team publishes interviews with influential collectors, curators, critics, and enthusiasts.

We teamed up with their Collectors Lounge and did our first interview with the equally charming collector Matthias Birkholz who is the co-founder of the private art project space SMAC in Berlin, Mitte. A genuine art lover, we experienced a deeply honest and entertaining conversation with Matthias. Please follow it here: Matthias Birkholz.

Photo on top © Petrov Ahner