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Cookies Cream

Cookies Cream’s backdoor entry is as surprising as its innovative vegetarian menu. A veggie heaven of subtle taste in Berlin Mitte with a good crowd and famous owner.


Cookies Cream

Cookies Cream is a strictly alternative vegetarian restaurant, resorting to local producers and high cuisine preparation. This place used to be the cinema of the French cultural center. It was caught and twisted by Cookie to make it both a club/ bar and a restaurant – which was a first at that time! (2007) -. Even if its reputation got bigger and bigger, dragging now berliners and foreigners to this Mitte culinary dôme; it still keeps this „from friends to friends“ agreeable ambiance.

This dinner spot offers a new approach and concept of „vegetarian“ food. In fact, Cookie’s chef – Stefan (who has been here since the beginning) – likes to explain how he cooks vegetables the way you should cook meat : as a noble piece, with cooking attention, precision, caring and tasteful sides (sauce, etc). By the end of the night, you will not even notice or remember you only had non-meat treats. And that is the Cookies‘ magic for sure!

Who is eating here: Curious & hype crowd in their 30s, coming either before clubbing or to experience this well-known and recommended restaurant.

Its cuisine’s very high standards gave Cookies Cream a fency notoriety which made it one of Berlin’s place to go/be. As the club scene has changed, it has experienced a wave of newcomers but still stands within the ground-breaking places and symbols of the city. One can tell by its service quality and post-industrial parti-pris. Let’s simply say it stayed true! From its homemade interior design to its Cookies family welcoming crew.

Cookies CreamCookies-Cream-Speisekarte


What do they offer: Cookies will for sure not disappoint you in their drinks or food offers. Michal, at the cosy & tamisé bar, will awake your taste-buds with sour or fruity and remarkable cocktails (We highly recommend the Slow Gin Fizz and its very fresh mint). From there on, you can go up to your table and enjoy a delicious homemade bread with cottage cheese & herbs while choosing your dishes. The rest will just be as enchanting.

Specialities: Celery root soup (with gyoza, spinach, ..) => The whole menu is incredibly tempting! 
Why is it exciting : Because it feels like entering a prohibition industrial space yet fency vegetarian spot! The kind you can only experience, feel and taste in Berlin.

Our favorite dish: Perfect vegetarian gourmand dinner! STARTER Its savory quail’s egg in brioche (with port wine shallot, potato foam and truffle jus) with Riesling / MAIN Its all-time classic parmesan dumplings with pinot noir and Perigord truffle. / DESSERT Its epicurean chocolate fondant and yoghurt ice cream with tonka bean, peanuts and salt.

Cookies CreamCookies Cream


Tuesdays and thursdays really are the high nights at Cookies Cream. You might want to book a table a week in advance to have the chance to be a part of it … We would therefore recommend the wednesday night for a quality, tranquil and delightful time.

Memorable new year’s dinner and special events with DJs in the restaurant – which end up in the kitchen (where the best parties take place!) > Coming up : Cookies’s 20th anniversary in November!


Cookie started making parties in his basement and got more popular, then bigger & bigger – gathering people together to party. But apart from the club scene, Cookie has always had a thing for Cuisine! Cookies Cream is a great accomplishment for this success-story-man. He also recently opened a new place called CHIPS where you can go everyday for vegetarian treats! Cookie also has some bigger topics at heart and organizes every year a series of charity events at Cookies – restaurant & club. 


The few art works on the walls are part of Cookie’s private collection and photos remain forbidden – maybe because the rumor says the huge Credit Card painting got Cookie into a trial with „American Express“…


Opening Times: Tues -Frid (19:00 – 00:00)
Webpage :
Address : Behrenstraße 55, 10117 Berlin
Price range : Soup 10€ / Starters 11€ / Main dishes 22€ / Dessert 11€ // 3 course menu 39€ Email :
Accepted payments : Credit cards Amex, Visa, EC, Eurocard

Text & Photos: Marie Polo