ARTberlin Questionnaire 

Alfons Klosterfelde. Ask the Gallerist

Alfons Klosterfelde who leads the Helga Maria Klosterfelde Edition in Berlin, reveals in the ARTberlin questionnaire the top notch art spots in Berlin, the best and worst thing about being a gallerist and how he has to defend his work.

Alfons Klosterfelde

Alfons Klosterfelde: Current art project

// What are you working on right now?
New projects with numerous artists, such as Kay Rosen, Matt Mullican and Fiete Stolte.

// How did you come up with the idea for this exhibition / art project?
After a long and intense exchange of thoughts with the artist.

Jorinde Voigt bei Klosterfelde

Alfons Klosterfelde: Me, being a gallerist

// The moment you realised: I am a gallerist
Having accomplished a silkscreen print portfolio with Christian Jankowski.

// The best thing of being a gallerist
Working with artists and sharing the enthusiasm with people fascinated with art.

// The worst thing of being a galerist
Not beeing an artist.

// What did you once hold true for your work with art that changed over time?
That idealism can make everything happen. Idealism is crucial but there are boundaries that lead to compromises.

// Is there something you always have to defend about your work?
The realisation as defined by the artist.

Alfons Klosterfelde

Alfons Klosterfelde: About art & the art market

// Three contemporary artists that will still matter in 5 years?
Tobias Buche, Hanne Darboven and Wols.

// Art or love?
Love is art.

// Your feelings when entering an art fair?
Total Concentration.

// One thing you could change about the art market – what would this be?
Less strategic thinking.

// The next exhibition we need to see 
Aus Rembrandts Zeit. Zeichenkunst in Hollands Goldenem Jahrhundert at the Kupferstichkabinett Berlin.

// The most interesting art spots in Berlin right now
Salon Populaire, Schinkelpavillon, Yearly exhibition at UDK and Kunstakademie Weißensee, Haus am Waldsee.