How to become a collector for small money


How to become a collector for small money

You are an artist. You have the vision, the talent and the ability to think big. But how do you finance your huge oil paintings upfront? A young artist in Berlin has an answer.

Will Kempkes

Before art comes financial misery? 

Eavesdropping into a typical conversation in a café in Berlin:

I’m an artist, do you have a job?

is as common as the grinding noise of the coffee beans. Will Kempkes – a 26-year old artist from Berlin – aims to change all that.

The artist aims to defy the concept of art and financial misery. With his project Will’s first official artist subscription he gives art aficionados the chance to support him and his upcoming exhibition for as little as € 300.- .

Will’s first official artist subscription is the artist’s answer to the poisonous concoction of art and bohemian doom. It is also his gift to his supporters, to everyone who believes in his work, but who finds it difficult to finance, let alone hang, the huge format paintings Will is currently working on for his upcoming exhibition in summer at the gallery AJLART.

Will KempkesWill Kempkes

How to get art into your letterbox?

Each subscriber will receive a small size oil painting via post, one each week, for a total duration of 6 weeks (in times of digital communication, receiving anything but invoices in your letterbox will be a much welcomed change for most of us). Each painting will be 20x29cm in size and comes with a personal letter from the artist giving you an idea of how the painting came to life. The subscribers will also receive a handcrafted fanfold holder for the 6 works, to either hang on the wall or stand on your coffee table. On top of that, there will be a special surprise at the exhibition this summer for everyone partaking in the project. All of that for as little as €300.-. A worthy cause!

To support the project and the artist, please send Will an email to To get an overview of the artist’s work please see Will Kempkes webpage.

Will Kempkes

About the artist

Will Kempkes has studied under Professor Robert Lucander and Professor Dr. Hito Steyerl at UDK Berlin. He has also studied at Hunter College New York City and CENFAD Kuala Lumpur.

His latest solo shows include:
Camel Police Force, 2011, Bar Babette Berlin // Heads, 2010 WK 07-09 Remise Freies Museum Berlin

His latest group shows include:
Handlungsbereitschaft, 2012, Kunstsäle Berlin  // Official Participation at Draftmen’s Congress, 7 Berlin Biennale, 2012 Paperwork, 2012, AJL Art at U37 Berlin // 17 Tage danach, 2011, 129 Gallery, Berlin