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Artconnect Berlin Networking Breakfast. Invitation will be hosting the ARTCONNECT BERLIN NETWORKING BREAKFAST on January 12th 2012 at 10 am. You are cordially invited to get an insight in our vision of an online art magazine and to catch some inspiration of how to earn money with blogging about art.

Artconnect Berlin

Artists and networking? no way

There is a rumour that there is on word on the very top of the hate list of creative people and artists in particular: to sell my work to other people. Selling meaning to promote. Marketing for a product that is closely connected to your inner self as this is the case within art is one of the toughest challenge for the creative community. Maybe that’s why Berlin became the favorite home of so many artists and creative people. The pressure to sell is lower as you can get along pretty well with small money. No need to build networks. Nothing is forcing you into marketing. Endless freedom. Really?

But why do we return from NYC, Paris and London with a spark in our eyes? Energized by encounters with people often iniated for one reason: networking. Berlin is a city where newcomers to the creative community are arriving every day. Some of them without knowing somebody, maybe some of them being the next big artists. Artconnect Berlin, one of the leading creative networks in this city, is willing to open a door for them.

Artconnect Berlin

ARTBerlin invites you: Networking Breakfast on January 12th, 2012

ARTberlin will kick start the first Artconnect Berlin Networking Breakfast in 2012. Join us for insights in ARTberlin, the idea behind, our vision of an art magazine in the digital age and how you could collaborate with us. We will also give you some inspiration how you can earn money with blogging about art.

Let’s get professional. Happy to have coffee with you!

Artconnect Networking Breakfast: Please register

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Thursday, January 12th, 21012
Start with Breakfast: 10 am – 12 am
ARTberlin presentation: 10:30 am