Openings, Events, Parties in Berlin


Openings, Events, Parties in Berlin

Openings, events, parties in Berlin (2nd -5th Oct): Robert Mapplethorpe, The Forgotten Pioneer Movement, Berlin Alt Fashion Week; Stadt Land Food Festival

Vernissage / Robert Mapplethorpe at Galerie Thomas Schulte

Thursday 2nd October – 7 until 9pm

Take a walk on the wild side with ‚Sell The Public Flowers‘, the latest solo show of photographs by beloved American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Featuring around twenty images capturing the raw, naked beauty of his fellow human beings (as well as actual images of flowers) exclusively in black andwhite, the show is a testimony to the longevity of the artists work and following, which has inspired many and sparked international controversy.

Galerie Thomas Schulte // Charlottenstraße 24, 10117 Berlin

Vernissage / The Forgotten Pioneer Movement

Thursday 2nd October

This Thursday marks the opening of The Forgotten Pioneer Movement‘, a fictional movement addressing the impact and perspectives of the ‚last pioneers‘: ‚a generation whose childhood and youth is linked to the times of the Perestroika and the “pOst- Western” Europe of the 1990s.‘ Split into performances (Set A), an exhibition (Set B) and a seminar (Set C), the performances will take place all over Berlin and employ a ‚psychodrama‘ technique. The exhibition will open at District Berlin and feature drawings, videos and installations by a group of international artists, and the seminar will take place from the 3rd-5th October with various workshops, talks and film screenings.

District Berlin // Bessemerstraße 2-14, 12103 Berlin 

Festival / Street Food Festival

Thursday 2nd October until Sunday 5th October

A street food festival, what does that have to do with art, we hear you ask. Well, if the excuse that food is a beautiful art form doesn’t cut it, the following reasons may help persuade you. As partof the Stadtland Food Festival unfolding around foodie hotspot Markthalle Neun, there will be a number of workshops, talks and screenings all revolving around the topic of food. Mobile Kino will present a number of films including dokumentART and Trilogie 8, there will be a screening about the slow food revolution in Berlin as well as an edible art baking workshop suitable for all the family. 

Markthalle Neun //Eisenbahnstraße 42/43, 10997 Berlin

Vernissage / Berlin Alternative Fashion Week

Thursday 2nd October – Sunday 5th October 

Just when you’d breathed a sigh of relief that Fashion Week was over, Berlin Alternative Fashion Week has arrived! We jest. Kicking off the event this evening is Cinéma de Mode, a collection of fashion films brought to you by I Heart Berlin and Two For Fashion. Combining fashion, music and art, Berlin Alternative Fashion Week seeks to promote emerging designers, in a context ’not dominated by big brands and labels.‘

Various venues across Berlin // Click here for more info.

Top Image Credit: Alternative Berlin Fashion Week