ARTberlin Questionnaire 

Arthur de Ganay. Ask the collector.

Arthur de Ganay collects the big names of photography: From Hiroshi Sugimoto to Thomas Struth and Thomas Ruff or Candida Höfer, his private art collection is featuring all of them. In the ARTberlin questionnaire, Arthur de Ganay shares his point of view about photography as an art form, his favorite art spot in Berlin and surprises us with his idea of the best art city to travel to.

Collection Arthur de Ganay Berlin

Arthur de Ganay: Being a collector

// The latest art piece you bought for your collection “Butendorf”; 2009 by Laurenz Berges // The moment you realized: I want to collect / own art As studying architecture; I was 23. // If you collection were a book – what title would it wear The invention of modern Photography. // The best thing of being a collector The collection gives me strength // The worst thing of being a collector The collection takes me time. // Something you always have to defend about your collection Photography is as valuable as painting. Collection Arthur de Ganay

Arthur de Ganay about art & the art market

// Why is art so personal but at the same time related to a lot of people? The collection tells a lot about the collector. // I have 1.000 Euro that I want to spend on art – what shall I buy? I would invest in Photography; it is still under valuated. // If I want to connect traveling with art – where do I go Düsseldorf. // Three contemporary artists that will still matter in 5 years? Thomas Ruff. Hiroshi Sugimoto. Elger Esser. // One thing you could change about the art market – what would this be? It definitivly needs more transparency. // How did social media change the way you collect art? Social media changes the art of photography. // Your favorite art spots in Berlin c/o Berlin Interview & Video with Arthur de Ganay in his collector’s loft Mehr zu Sammlungen in Berlin Fotos: Sel Dizmann