Thomas Olbricht: Ask the collector

ARTberlin Questionnaire 

Thomas Olbricht: Ask the collector

Thomas Olbricht not only moved his private art collection from Essen to Berlin, he build a whole house for it. The me collectors room in Auguststrasse is open for the public showcasing curated exhbitions from Thomas Olbricht`s collection but also art from collector friends. Here is what Thomas Olbricht thinks about art, the art market and the next exhibition we need to see.

Thomas Olbricht im me collectors room


// The newest art work in your collection Photographies of Taryn Simon

// The reason you bought it I’m following her work since the start of her career


// The moment you realized: I want to collect art When I met Joseph Beuys

// The best thing of being a collector Permanently being curious.

// The worst thing of being a collector Permanently running out of money

// What did you once hold true for your art collection that changed over time? For a collector of contemporary art the focus to art has to change constantly.

// Is there something you always have to defend about your collection or collecting art? Yes, the wide variety of my collection.

// Your favorite time of day / night Normal employees working time plus 8 hours.


// Why is art so personal but at the same time related to a lot of people? Art is a human experience.

// Three contemporary artists that will still matter in 5 years? Gerhard Richter, Taryn Simon, Ged Quinn

//Your feelings when entering an art fair? Excitement

// One thing you could change about the art market – what would this be? The art market is a free market so someone has to accept it, otherwise you have to find another value system than money.

 // One digital art market platform / project you like

// The next exhibition we need to se “Gerhard Richter. Panorama” at Neue Nationalgalerie and „Gerhard Richter – Editions 1965-2011“ at me Collectors Room