Till the cows come home

Healthy Vegetarian food 

Till the cows come home

Till The Cows Come Home is a new vegetarian slow food and detox food place in Berlin Mitte. It is build into a redesigned shipping container.

Till the cows come home: Vegetarian Food in Berlin: Vegetarian dishes    

Kitchen focus

The food and drinks offered here have an overall approach, both healthy and aesthetic. The ingredients of the dishes follow the seasons and the menu therefore changes according to Nature – feeding us humans. Till the Cows come Home is not just another place following the cool vegan trend, it is an imbiss with restaurant level, serving quality with the right mojo. You can tell and taste when the people in the kitchen believe in food as the highest kind of art, influencing how you see the world and reaching you directly. 


Monday till Sunday 10 am till 4 pm


Schönhauser Allee 9, 10119 Berlin



Preise (ohne Gewähr)

Hauptgerichte 5,- bis 10,- EUR

Who is eating at Till The Cows Come Home?

Berliners and international crowd, a yoga teachers from L.A., a guy from New Zealand … coming for the food and the design. This constant come-and-go drives regulars between 25 and 45 years old, with attitude and awareness. Most generally people who appreciate quality and well-being. 

Till the cows come home: MenueTill the cows come home: Vegetarian Food in Berlin: slow food

What do they offer: The menue

This team of 7 people offers good yet unpretentious service in a very simple, caring and welcoming way. Their focus on “slow food” invites for a more natural way to eat and give time to the Earth to recover. This form of thankfulness and respect is naturally instinctive but people forgot about it. Till the Cows come Home is one of the nice places to remember that and offers a 360 dergrees perspective based on this basic principle. 

Till the cows come home: Vegetarian Food in Berlin: KitchenTill the cows come home: Vegetarian Food in Berlin: slow food

Our favorite dish

Quite a crush on the “Holly Cow”: bread from Italian bakery, fresh avocado, poshed eggs and chilantro. As they say, “eyes are eating with you” … Well this composition of warm egg, generous avocado texture and entire red peppers definitely adds another colourful and attractive layer to this dish. Another summer’s delight : “The Cold Song”, strawberry, tomato and peppers gazpacho. But generally, you’ll be able to find good vegetarian, vegan and raw food here with pure & high-quality products. Do try their amazing burrata which will surely please you in a soft and savoury way. They also offer snacks (speruline energy bars, vegan chocolate browny …) and intense drinks such as the dDD – delicious Deep Detox – or radical shots (Ginger, lemon or mint). 


Starters : 5 – 7e / Main : 8 – 10e / Sides : 2 – 4e / Desserts : 4-5e

When to go there

ANYTIME from 10am to 4pm

Till the cows come home: Vegetarian Food in Berlin

The owner: Natalie Viaux

The background of the owner is a japanese tea bar and photography. After observing the lack of vegetarian places in Mitte,  Natalie Viaux decided to open this new format of helthy/ veggy/ slow food. Something she believes to be so rare because of a lack of information and training – not only a money issue. Familiar with the diet of yoga retreats (2 oranges for breakfast, 1 banana & watermelon for lunch, rice & beans with carrot + beetroot for dinner), Natalie does believe in the vertue of what she enjoys eating and serves at Till the Cows come Home : “Yummy healthy food” 

The art

The accent is definitely put on the packaging of the food products. Studio Regular chose organic and sustainable paper for the design of the take-away bags and boxes. The interior design is made to chill inside the container or on the improvised terrasse. This mobile format makes the structure of Till the Cows come Home of universal reach and affordable. Although, it is with taste that the small inside space is organised and decorated – light wooden furniture and the two Roni Horn portraits.