12.02 - 14.02.2015 


Berlin’s top art events (12th-14th Feb): Ufer Studios Alte Kantine, Salon K Privé, Akademie der Künste, Źak | Branicka, Marshall McLuhan Salon

Performance / Ufer Studios Alte Kantine

Thursday 12th February – 7:45pm

Celebrate Berlin’s most fabulous international film event with a bang this Thursday evening at the Ufer Studios Alte Kantine.  Nestled in the heart of Wedding, Caucaso, ESNA and Krautfilm bring all that is cool about Berlin to one industrial-chic space for a night of 5 short films and a sultry DJ set. Fall in love with this city all over again before Valentine’s Day, because art lovers it doesn’t get any more Berlin than this.

Ufer Studios Alte Kantine // Uferstraße 8, 13357 Berlin

Ausstellung / Akademie der Künste

Friday 13th February – 11am until 9pm

The best-kept secret of the Berlinale may just be the Expanded Forum — an entire program of art, music and performance offerings that never fail to delight and inspire. So, if you’ve just about had your fill of big-screen extravaganzas, why not expand your cinematic horizons this coming weekend with a little avant-garde art? „To the Sound of the Closing Door“ at Akademie der Künste is admittedly more hard core than high res, but in the midst of all these blockbusters perhaps that in and of itself is worthy of an encore.

Akademie der Künste //  Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin

Vernissage / Zak | Branicka

Friday 13th February – 6pm until 9pm

Although Berlin is all cinema all the time while the Berlinale is in town, some art events are just to powerful to pass up despite the filmic options filling your calendar — the Vlatka Horvat show at Źak | Branicka is one such exhibition. Horvat’s monochromatic collages evoke the cutouts of Kara Walker or the animations of William Kentridge with a brash emotionality and a stark, powerful precision  you won’t want to pass up.

Źak | Branicka //  Lindenstraße 35, 10969 Berlin

Ausstellung / Marshall McLuhan Salon

Friday 13th February – 6pm until 9pm

Throughout the course of the Berlinale, the Canadian embassy will play host to a unique exhibition featuring the talents of Inuit hunter-turned-artist Pudlo Pudlat. If you aren’t already intrigued, you should be — this enigmatic genius offers up work utterly unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere in Berlin alongside collage crafted by Arvo Leo, a devotee of the late Pudlat’s work, and a remarkable talent in his own right. The Expanded Forum strikes again.

Marshall McLuhan Salon //  Ebertstraße 14, 10117 Berlin

Experience / Salon K Privé

Saturday 14th February – 8:30pm until 11:45pm

If you haven’t already made plans for Valentine’s Day, might I humbly suggest that you knock the socks right of your paramour with a night out at Salon K Privé? This ultra-exclusive evening of immersion in the performative arts and the pleasures of the senses defies expectations and explanations. Harkening back to the Berlin of the 1920s, Salon K Privé may just be the perfect way to celebrate a passionate love affair or rekindle a long-running romance.

Salon K Privé //  Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Top Image: Courtesy of the artist © Arvo Leo