5.03 - 7.03.2015  


Berlin’s top art openings and events (5th-7th Mar): Hamburger Banhof, Stattbad Berlin, Galerie Guido W. Baudach, Galerie Michael Haas and Esther Schipper

Vernissage / Hamburger Banhof

Thursday 5th March – 8pm

Hamburger Banhof brings on the heavyweights with the opening of Two by Two, an exhibition featuring a temporary collaboration between the contemporary American masters Mary Heilmann and David Reed. Prepare yourself for a rich, textural landscape of contemporary abstraction writhing along the line between figuration and the great aesthetic mystery that lies beyond, and make sure to arrive early—this is one opening that’s sure to be very well-attended.

Hamburger Banhof // Invalidenstraße 50/51, 10557 Berlin

Vernissage / Stattbad

Thursday 5th March – 5pm until 7pm

If you can manage to break away from the beating heart of Berlin’s art scene and make your way off the beaten track to Wedding’s Stattbad this Thursday evening, you’ll find yourself rewarded by vibrant new work from an esteemed cadre of young Persian artists. Featuring four of Tehran’s rising stars, Hope Dreams Desire presents imagery of unparalleled urgency and emotional honesty, urging the viewer closer to the artist through sheer force of conceptual will and a formal rigor brilliant to behold. 

Stattbad // Gerichtstraße 65, 13347 Berlin

Vernissage / Galerie Guido W. Baudach

Friday 6th March – 6pm until 9pm

Philipp Modersohn’s broad sweeping meditations on the taught barriers that separate interior and exterior, surface and substrate seethe with pent-up charisma and delight in filtering out the dirty, chaotic details that make up so much of this unheralded mass of existence. As a fine artist and a philosopher Modersohn’s work is always more than it appears to be, provoking thoughts unbidden and transforming the minimal, modernist aesthetics of the work with every infinitesimal grain of sand.

Galerie Guido W. Baudach // Potsdamer Straße 85, 10785 Berlin

Vernissage / Galerie Michael Haas

Friday 6th March – 5pm until 8pm

Kate MccGwire’s dark, undulating sculptural installations evoke legendary battles between good and evil while retaining, a rich, rigid formality that calls to mind the catwalks of Paris fashion week or the Bolshoi Ballet. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the grotesque at its most divine, mark your calendars for a date with Kate MccGwire this Friday night.

Galerie Michael Haas // Niebuhrstraße 5, 10629 Berlin

Vernissage / Esther Schipper

Friday 6th March – 6pm until 9pm

Ann Veronica Janssens subtle, moody installations play with the potentialities of light as an aesthetic medium, bending, twisting, blurring and diffusing that most fundamental building block of visual perception. Too-often overlooked in favor of the more masculine artists exploring similar terrain, Janssens career-long investigations into the properties of light are both awe-inspiring and utterly engrossing.

Esther Schipper // Schöneberger Ufer 65, 10785 Berlin

David Reed #636 Courtesy Galerie Anke Schmidt, Cologne, © reedstudio, photo: Christopher Burke