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Openings und Ausstellungen



Stijn Ank is focusing on the relationship between matter and void. We met the artist at Künstlerhaus Bethanien and talked about his work and his two upcoming parallel solo exhibition openings at Künstlerhaus Bethanien and Gallery Michael Janssen.

Apoll von Belvedere mit parabolischer Kurve. Sammlung Mathematischer Modelle und Instrumente der Georg-­‐August-­‐Universität Göttingen, Foto: Frank Stefan Kimmel


Exhibition Highlights for january 2017

If you are ready to face reality again after the excesses of christmas and new years hangovers – here are Artberlin’s exhibition highlights for the start of a hopefully grand year 2017!

LOVE sculpture by Mia Florentine Weiss


Exhibition Highlights for December 2016

Brightening up the darkest time of the year we bring to you Berlins finest artists and events!

Gina Malek



Berlin never fails us in terms of variety and beauty when it comes to its countless openings and events. Especially as the beauty does not only lies in the eye of the beholder but in it many forms and individual meanings. Once again, we picked out 5 Highlights and wish you a month full of colors, surprises, new tattoos and prizes!

©Scarlett Carlos Clarke - Ft Angel Rose


Who runs the world? Girls!

She has guts and taste and is currently taking over Berlin. We talked to whirlwind and co-founder of „Curated by girls“ Laetitia Duveau about the upcoming first group show on 8th & 9th of october in Neukölln, and why everyone should at least once in their life time curate an art show. Let´s just say: Hell Yeah!

Dan Flavin: 4‘ red, red, green fluorescent light (for Konrad Fischer), 1968Leuchtröhre mit ZertifikatObjektmaß: 17 x 184 x 9 cmFoto: Markus Meyer© Estate of Dan Flavin / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2016 Printfähige Abb.: vorhanden Foto: Markus Meyer Copyright: VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Top 3 Openings & Events Oktober

This month we are leaving the mothership Berlin and extend our view to London and Hamburg, both cities are always worth a visit and easy to reach. Also what could be a better reason for travelling then to explore the Arts!


Berlin Art Week

Berlin Art Week | Highlights to see

Aus der Flut der Openings und Veranstaltungen zur Berlin Art Week, hat unsere Redakteurin Saskia Wichert nochmal fünf Must-sees für Euch herausgepickt, bevor es dann endlich vom 13. – 18.9.2016 losgeht. Zieht bequeme Schuhe an!

Franziska Stünkel, photo by: Stefan Neuenhausen


Berlin Artweek 2016: Insider Guide

Wir haben die vielfach ausgezeichnete Filmregisseurin und Fotokünstlerin Franziska Stünkel nach Ihren ganz persönlichen Highlights für die diesjährige Artweek befragt und viel Freude an Ihren Antworten gehabt. Franziska Stünkel die sich aktiv gegen Rassismus einsetzt, ist außerdem dauerhaft in 13 Jurys und Gremien tätig.
Auf der Positions Art Fair zeigt sie in diesem Jahr neue Arbeiten aus ihrer Reihe COEXIST bei der Galerie Robert Drees. ENJOY!

Pseudocromatico - Africa


Before we focus on Berlin Artweek we give you our Top 5 openings and events for September at the Landing Strip, Azucar Gallery, Haus am Waldsee, Eigen + Art Lab and Ballhaus Berlin.

ARTinBerlin Winston

Winston Chmielinski makes his works whisper, and we´ve listened

We already mentioned how much we adore Mitte’s new gallery „Magic Beans“ and their passionate and down to earth attitude. On September 2, they will open a solo show by Winston Chmielinski titled „How to Let Go“ and will once again proof their sense for aspiring contemporary artists, whose works are a valuable addition to this city’s art scene.
We squeezed in a quickie for you with Winston Chmielinski.