gallery weekend berlin

Openings und Ausstellungen

Kevin A. Rausch: The End were we starts 180x300cm MT Leinwand

KEVIN A. RAUSCH today – tomorrow – yesterday

Fernab aller idealisierten Darstellungen und ästhetischen Regeln gibt Kevin Rausch als Vertreter einer neuen kompromisslosen Malerei der Gegenwartskunst bei KÖPPE CONTEMPORARY neue Impulse.

arthur_gillet_le Mirage de Sodome

Instinct.Berlin #3 im Village Berlin

Das in 2015 von Eric LeRouge und Manuel Moncayo initiierte experimentelle, kollektive Kunstprojekt Instinct.Berlin, versteht sich als Netzwerk mit dem Fokus auf der Diskussion „männlich/Männlichkeiten/maskulin“. Es setzt sich ausserdem aus einer halbjährlichen Kunstausstellung und einem Residency Program zusammen.
Bei der Vernissage am 13. April, werden neben der Performance des Künstlers Arthur Gillet´s auch Spenden für Queers in Tschetschenien gesammelt.
Great Concept, artists and cause!

Pulp. A Short History of the Banished Book, propped up in Shubigi Rao's studio space, photo: Kathrin Leisch


Shubigi Rao, current artist in resident at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, is one of these people who are famous in the sense that you will never forget an encounter with them.
In a whirlwind afternoon she took us on a tour of her fiercely intelligent, inquisitive and poetic mind, an internal library sparkling with ideas and knowledge for building immortal jellyfish, pseudo-neuroscientific laboratories or exploring the mechanisms of knowledge accumulation, storage, and destruction.

Shubigi Rao, Fictioneering for Jonah, 2015

Exhibition Highlights: April 2017

The ARTBerlin exhibition guide for this month puts forward the unconventional, obscure and sometimes heavily digestible art: Street art, academic conceptual art and some food for thought on political issues. Enjoy!

Rinus Van de Velde, These full moon meetings, 2016

Exhibition Highlights for March 2017

Eh? March? Yes, ARTBerlin is rushing forward into spring (or is this wishful thinking?) and bringing you our art recommendations from the exiting to the intriguing.
Also we have have our team galavanting around New York at Volta and The Armory Fair to come back with fresh, sparkling news and inspirations from the global art scene!



Trophy Glory by Matheus Rocha Pitta

It is always somehow pleasing when an artist residency creates an environment which enables the artist to pursue a different experience, while creating and working on a new project. For the Brazilian artist Matheus Rocha Pitta it was the sensation of feeling quite comfortable with his surroundings. The result is called “For the winners the potatoes“ a hilarious narrative, which even extends beyond the borders of Künstlerhaus Bethanien into the public eye and space.

Avant l'envol


Berlinale Shorts 2017

Berlin ohne Berlinale wollen wir uns gar nicht vorstellen. Dasselbe gilt für unsere Lieblingskategorie den „Berlinale Shorts“, in der dieses Jahr wieder rund 30! internationale Kurzfilme um den Goldenen und Silbernen Bären konkurrieren. Wir haben Euch die wichtigsten Termine zur Berlinale Shorts zusammengefasst.
Absolutes Must-See & Go im Rahmen der Berlinale!

Monument for the 308, Andreas Greiner, 2016


Exhibition Highlights for February 2017

Keeping up with Berlins art scene, ARTBerlin brings to you the raisins in the cake of exhibitions this month: From blockbusters at institutions like Transmediale and the Berlinische Galerie to smaller, quirkier venues – we’ve selected our favourites for you.

A 3D rendering of a waterfall which has been cut into aluminium, Andreas Greiner & Armin Keplinger, 2016/17


Golden Gates to an uncertain Future

The artists duo A / A present their first solo show GOLDEN GATES at Galerie Kwadrat



Stijn Ank is focusing on the relationship between matter and void. We met the artist at Künstlerhaus Bethanien and talked about his work and his two upcoming parallel solo exhibition openings at Künstlerhaus Bethanien and Gallery Michael Janssen.