Fashion Week Berlin 2011

Fashion Week  

Fashion Week Berlin 2011

Fashion Week Berlin is not only about fashion and its crazy crowd. The art scene is also jumping on the opportunity of attracting international beauty lovers to their galleries. Fashion Week will be floaded with openings. We guide you through the must sees. Among them CIRCLECULTURE GALLERY with ANTON UNAI and the artist MAX FRISINGER who is showing at BREAD & BUTTER.
Artist Anton Unai

Artist Anton Unai

Fashion Week Berlin: Art Day 1

Circle Culture Gallery: Anton Unai


Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Circleculture Gallery opens its doors for an installation of one of the most thoughtfull urban artists I know. Anton Unai personifies the creative philosophy represented by Joseph Beuys’ legacy: a profound belief in the sanctity of spontaneity, the poetry of chaos, and the rejection of traditional academia. As a self-taught artist, Unai’s installations are often the result of weeklong “actions,” improvised and created on-site using mostly found objects, or “golden garbage,” salvaged from the streets of Berlin.
Using materials that reflect the urban landscape, ordinary detritus like rusty sheet metal or yesterday’s newspaper, Unai’s work resurrects and reinvents the discarded relics of the modern masses. His art is at once rough and delicate, exposing sentimental and vulnerable humanity through violent gestures, provocative irony and messy compositions that defy traditional aesthetic boundaries. Meta-narratives, pop and subculture artifacts, religious iconography and a wide breadth of literary references are all present in his multifaceted installations, as well as allusions to art historical antecedents ranging from Basquiat’s urban poetry to Sir Howard Hodgkin’s abstract paintings as sculptural objects to Jonathan Meese’s theatrical symbolism.

You better prepare, it`s gonna be wild.

Circleculture Gallery
Opening: Thursday July, 7 2011 / 7pm / Gipsstrasse 11


Fashion Week Berlin: Art Day 2

CFA Gallery: Max Frisinger


For their 10th anniversary, the streetwear tradeshow Bread & Butter invited the artist Max Frisinger to create an installation in the huge building of the former aipirt Tempelhof. Into two glass display cases Max Frisinger, who is represented by CFA,assembled a potpourri of items accumulated during 10 years of BBB. With this sculptural intervention he created a riotously reinterpretation of the last Bread & Butter decade: Exhibits from 25 shows are used to craft a installation that shows compositions and harmonic colorations like abstract paintings or Cubist collages.

Opening: Thursday July, 5 2011 / 7pm


Jerszy Seymour by Markus Jans


We love temporary things as they give us the feeling of being in the know and in the now. Hmmm…sounds a little bit cheesy, doesn’t it? Anyway, after three weeks of fashion and art overflow, we will follow the motto of the FLASH STOP BOUTIQUE: no food, more drinks and watch the sun go down.

Iris von Arnim did a colourful cashmere collection with the guys from and asked the artist Jerszy Seymour to create a temporary shop for them.

This what the Gestalten think about Jerszy Seymour:
The designer likes to disengage design objects from their precast applications. Or as one could sum up: He’d like to find utopia without falling for false promises. Having been born in Berlin and now working and living here again, Jerszy Seymour’s Polish parents were ballet dancers so it might not be too difficult to get the balance right for him. The balance between being a contemporary and much sought after designer creating objects for established brands and institutions on the one hand, he is also a free-minded character who has spent years travelling the world working as a DJ, and does a lot of work that could easily be defined as art.

Flash Stop Boutique
Opening times, July 7th – 9th 2011 / 12 pm –  8pm / Münzstraße 21 / second courtyard


Fashion Week Berlin: Art Day 3

Marc Lüders © LEVY Berlin

Marc Lüders © LEVY Berlin


Marc Lüders. Oil on Kodak Endura Metallic print. LEVY Berlin

The Berlin part of the young but already well know gallery LEVY challenges us to, for a moment, step away from the glitter and glatter of Berlin Fashion Week and to look closer to our everyday life. Beauty standards, behaviour patterns, habitual ways of perceiving: Our life is determined by fixed parameters, dimensions, forms, laws and values that we constantly encounter in our everyday environment.

The group exhibition Shifting the Everyday presents artists who shake up these parameters by questioning and undermining the basic framework of our everyday life. We will encounter artist works that open up new perspectives, reveal the unfamiliar in the familiar and in this way enable the commonplace to be perceived in a different way.
We will face the complexity of our world in a wide variety of ways and intensify our perception of the rules and standards that govern our everyday life, from the large to the small till the shifts.

Participating artists:
Hannes Bend / John von Bergen / Birgit Brandis / Lorenz Estermann / Felix Kiessling / Gereon Krebber / Marc Lüders / Daniel Mohr / Stefan Pfeiffer / Annette Streyl

LEVY Berlin
Opening, Friday July 08, 2011 from 6 – 9 p.m./ Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 26

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