New York City Top 5 Exhibitions in May

New York loves Berlin and Berlin loves New York, so we are happy to share with you a monthly insight and guide into New York´s jungle of exhibitions and Museum Shows. For those who travel to the Big Apple and the ones who just love art and seek inspiration alike. The sheer abundance of art in New York, Berlin and all over the world, can be a bit overwhelming. But most importantly it is a constant reminder of how art is the manifestation and expression of the human spirit and a necessity for a free society. The American novelist and author of „Fahrenheit 451“ Ray Bradbury said once: “We need our Arts to teach us how to breathe” – so we hope you enjoy this additional portion of oxygen!



Top 5 Exhibitions May 2018

From future or in future? Time and it´s changing nature will be your companion through spring, alongside a mix of photography, sculpture and installation to keep your perception satisfied. Talking about time, the open-air season has started with full force. Have fun!



Seungmo Park and the psychic power of his works

Seungmo Parks first solo exhibition in Berlin at MagicBeans Gallery shows a complete universe of his works, layers and concepts. The title “Be Beware of the Seductive Traps of Spiritual and Psychic Power Seungmo Park” can be taken literally. We met the Korean artist yesterday during the last finishing touches and dived into his genuinely seductive works. Join us for an exclusive preview of the opening tonight!



Yoram Roth im Gespräch mit ARTBerlin

Fotografisch anspruchsvoll und extrem spannend wird es in der CWC Galerie, wenn Yoram Roth ab dem 28.4.2018, pünktlich zum Gallery Weekend, seine neue Serie Spatial Concepts präsentiert!


Gallery Weekend

Gallery Weekend 2018 – Insider Guide by Tanja Siren

Pre Gallery Weekend Overkill? Especially for all expats, guests and English speaking readers we have this beautiful Day to Day Guide from the east in Weissensee to St. Agnes in the west, with this year’s Insider Tips by the Finnish and Berlin-based photographer and author Tanja Siren! She picked out something special for each day, starting Wednesday until Sunday, so you can chill out and let yourself float through the wonders and spectacles of this year’s Gallery Weekend!



LIU BOLIN’s Camouflage Arbeiten für RUINART

Interview mit dem Künstler Liu Bolin zu seinen acht Camouflage-Arbeiten in Kooperation mit Ruinart zum Gallery Weekend 2018.


REVENANT. Djuneid Dulloo at Charisschwarz

When Charis Schwarz met Djuneid Dulloo, they entered immediately into an intense conversation about his paintings, choice of colours, places, different cultures, space and architecture. It sounds like they both had a lot in common, especially the concept of the remix. Chariss rooms are deliberately not a traditional gallery space and were, therefore, harmonising beautifully with Dulloo´s Collage technique and his self-conscious arch between his childhood, past and the present, as a young artist. The works she selected explicitly in his atelier are focusing on the light/dark system of her space and create a stimulating overlapping of the different described elements above.




Diesen Freitag eröffnet im Kunsthaus Erfurt die Gruppenausstellung The Female Gaze – On Body, Love, and Sex. Die Kuratorin Isabelle Meiffert bringt zehn international arbeitende Künstlerinnen zusammen, die einen eigenständigen Blick auf die Frau, auf Körper und auf Sexualität formulieren. Wir sind sehr gespannt auf die Ausstellung in Erfurt und für alle, die es nicht in die schöne Domstadt schaffen: am 4. Mai eröffnet in der Studiogalerie vom Haus am Lützowplatz der Berliner Teil der Ausstellung. Wir möchten noch nicht zu viel verraten, teasern Euch aber gerne die teilnehmenden Künstlerinnen nebst ihren wunderbaren Arbeiten an:


Seeing is believing. The legacy of Dorothy Fratt

With its yearly exhibition COLORFUL.FARBENFROH – Im Fokus: Dorothy Fratt, Museum Art.Plus in Donaueschingen is presenting not only the first solo show ever of the great abstract colorist painter Dorothy Fratt in Europe, it is also opening a treasure trove of color, form and structure by adding a first-class mix to its collection of highly influential artists such as Keith Haring, Rainer Fetting, Gianni Dessi or Otto Herbert Hajek. A more than appropriate frame for the until now almost undiscovered legacy of Dorothy Fratt, who passed away aged 93 last year in Scottsdale, Arizona. In our research, we struck gold when we found Lilian Barker, a woman and artist who not only was a pupil of hers but saw her nearly every day since Dorothy moved into her neighbourhood back in 1958.
We are very happy to be able to share this moving and meaningful conversation we had with her.

ABA14646-Da Sun Bad Today-2018-HIRES


TOP 5 Exhibitions April 2018

It’s April, and honestly, we´re not so sure about another moody month. As people say here: April does what it wants and on top, it´s Mercury Retrograde, so brace yourselves! But although we cannot yet celebrate Spring, we can enjoy the arts all around us in the city and there is as always a lot of it in all forms, shapes and sounds! On top from April 27th until 29th the Gallery Weekend is upon us, another fantastic reason to just walk around and dive into new worlds, colours and experiences. Before that, try our selection of paintings, installations, photography and also an outstanding talk-performance. Not bad, right? So, go on, and I am sure we’ll see each other around this month!

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