New York City Top 5 Exhibitions in May

New York loves Berlin and Berlin loves New York, so we are happy to share with you a monthly insight and guide into New York´s jungle of exhibitions and Museum Shows. For those who travel to the Big Apple and the ones who just love art and seek inspiration alike. The sheer abundance of art in New York, Berlin and all over the world, can be a bit overwhelming. But most importantly it is a constant reminder of how art is the manifestation and expression of the human spirit and a necessity for a free society. The American novelist and author of „Fahrenheit 451“ Ray Bradbury said once: “We need our Arts to teach us how to breathe” – so we hope you enjoy this additional portion of oxygen!



German Artists & Galleries at VOLTA 14, New York!

As you know, last week was art fair week in New York City. Every year, it’s a time of flights to New York full of artists, collectors, gallerists, and assistants from all around the world. I spent the week mainly at the Volta Show, looking for German artists and German galleries! As a New Yorker, I was able to experience tons of fantastic new work coming out of Germany, and that’s what makes fairs worthwhile.




It is this time of year again! VOLTA NY is starting. SOLO FOCUS – GLOBAL VISION – a promising motto of the fair which debuted in 2008 and since then has become a fixture for up-and-coming galleries and artists alike alongside renowned positions. Before our New York Editor Caroline Eleanor Absher brings you this year’s featured and exhibited solo projects as well as emerging and international artists, we have talked to longtime Artistic Director Amanda Coulson who runs the show!

Jeremy Shaw Towards Universal Pattern Recognition (New Covenant Church 4, Pray III. Jun 8, 1980), 2017kaleidoscopic acrylic, chrome, archival colour photograph40.3 x 35.3 x 14 cm; 15 3/4 x 14 x 5 1/2 inuniqueCourtesy KÖNIG Galerie Berlin / London


Johann König and the German Surplus

Berlin based König Gallery is expanding to the capital of the UK, and yes, it will be as intensive and busy an art space as you can imagine! But there is not only the opening of KÖNIG in a former car park in Marylebone, Johann König, proprietor of the gallery that bears his name, is also launching a biannual magazine and will be presenting five German painters in consecutive solo booths at the Frieze London art fair.
So it’s London Calling for the Berlin art crowd and a Berlin splash right into the heart of the London’s art establishment!

Alpin Arda Bağcık



Die Kunstmesse VOLTA, die in diesem Jahr mit dem Standort Basel in ihre 13. Ausgabe geht, hat sich zu einem spannenden und viel beachteten Gegenpol zum Schwergewicht Art Basel entwickelt. Wir haben uns die fünf teilnehmenden Berliner Galerien mit ihren Positionen genauer angesehen, und auch einen O-ton von Amanda Coulson, Artistic Director der Volta für Euch am Start!

Peter Gruenzweil_Portrait_Hund_Akademie


Bad Gastein Akademie 2017

„Zauberberge – In Bad Gastein mischen sich alte Grandezza und neue Hipness zu einem eigenen Lebensgefühl.“, liest man dieser Tage bei den Kollegen der Vogue über das bereits zum achten Mal stattfindende Kunstfestival sommer.frische.kunst in Bad Gastein. Neben dem internationalen Stipendiatenprogramm, gibt es aber auch jedes Jahr die Akademie die mit fantastischen Workshops die von renommierten Künstlern gegeben werden, punkten kann! Wir haben für Euch mit den diesjährigen Dozenten Johanna Finckh, den in Rio de Janeiro lebenden Fotografen Martin Ogolter und dem Maler Peter Grünzweil gesprochen!

„Presencia“ Performance von Regina José Galindo (2017) in der Elpidos Straße (führt zum Victoria Square)


documenta 14 Athens #d14

Documenta in der griechischen Hauptstadt, Kunst am Kulturort. Neben vielen anderen Performances, haben wir am Kotzia Square an der des pakistanisches Künstlers Rasheed Araeen teilgenommen. Menschen wurden zum Mittelpunkt einer intimen Kommunikation; auch wir. Der Ansatz ‚Food for Thought: Thought for Change‘ funktionierte. Fazit für uns, wir lernten von Athen und vor allem von den Athenern.
Die Essenz dieser Performance, das war für uns die documenta in Athen.

Jan van Munster "Ich im Dialog"


International Light Art Award 2017

Never heard of Unna yet? Don’t worry, just like us. But that changed for a very good reason: A visit to The Centre for International Light Art – the world’s only museum for light art. The museum is hosting the second International Light Art Award this year and gave us the chance to join a preview of the works of the three finalists Satoru Tamura, Tilman Küntzel and collaborators Vroegop/Schoonveld. Shine a light!



The Armory & Volta New York 2017

Sometimes when you experience an overload of impressions it is the best advise to let go of it for a good while afterwards, to let everything sink in, and forget about that crazy week packed with Art Fairs; like in our case this years Volta New York and The Armory Show.
A rough review of the remaining fragments.

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