Eirikur Mortagne, Works from Winston Chmielinski at MIA Photo Fair


Eirikur Mortagne, Works from Winston Chmielinski at MIA Photo Fair



For us the month of March was filled with Art Fairs. From Volta and the Armory Show in New York we ventured to the beautiful and sunny city of Milano to visit the MIA Photo Fair and the current exhibition „About Art“ from Keith Haring at the Palazzo Reale, which truly blew our mind. On the way we ran into old and new friends and recorded some of their thoughts on art, life and Syria for you. We hope you enjoy our Italian wrap-up!



Hidden in plain sight; SANG WOO KIM

Organising a group show at fata morgana gallery for your art graduate friends in three days? One is tempted to say such a thing works especially if not only in Berlin and then it will be full on! All this happened a week after the packed opening of Sang Woo Kim´s first solo show and it is fair to say it proved once more how much forceful young talent is out there.
Reason enough for us to kick off a series about aspiring young artists, starting with Sang Woo Kim.



Where are thou Berlin Art Prize?

The Idea and approach behind the Berlin Art Prize concept is one that pays credit to the overwhelming number of artists (known and unknown) living and working in Berlin. An annual and independent art prize by artists for artists, no recommendations needed, with an anomynous selection of the jury to queer the system of hierarchy. That was in 2013.
We talked to 3 of the founders about their most significant moments, artists, insights and future goals.

„The Chronicle“ Das Standbild aus dem Video „The Chronicle“ zeigt eine verlassene Schule im ehemaligen Kriegsgebiet von Kroatien.

Auf der Suche nach einem neuen „Wir“ im Zeitalter der Flucht

Ein schweres Jahr geht zu Ende. „Auf der Suche nach einem neuen WIR“ lautet das sehr aktuelle Thema des „Schön, dass du da bist!“ – Designkalenders 2017. Jovana Popic ist eine von zwölf teilnehmenden Künstlern. Linda Pacher hat mir ihr ein Interview zu Flucht, Ankommen und Kunst als Dialog Werkzeug mit der Welt geführt.

ARTinBerlin Winston

Winston Chmielinski makes his works whisper, and we´ve listened

We already mentioned how much we adore Mitte’s new gallery „Magic Beans“ and their passionate and down to earth attitude. On September 2, they will open a solo show by Winston Chmielinski titled „How to Let Go“ and will once again proof their sense for aspiring contemporary artists, whose works are a valuable addition to this city’s art scene.
We squeezed in a quickie for you with Winston Chmielinski.

Ojive Detail, Mathias Vef

Mathias Vef; Hacking the Mainstream

Mathias Vef fokussiert sich in seiner Arbeit als Fotograf und Videokünstler auf Körper deren Ästhetik er wieder auflöst, oft durch das Einsetzen von GHB. Im Rahmen der Pride Woche präsentiert nun die Galerie Lafayette am 22. Juli seine Ausstellung „Come Undone“.



Yu-Cheng Chou

Subtle, intelligent, confronting, highly aesthetic: Interview with Taiwanese artist Yu-Cheng Chou during his artist-in-residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien.  

2011, L.A., with Napalm bomb girl photo in back, at Nick Ut s home in Pasadena


Mediating War: Fotografie unter Einsatz des Lebens

Wie leben Kriegsfotografen mit der Angst und welche Mission treibt Pulitzer-Preisträger wie Nick Ut und Massoud Hossaini an? Wir haben mit beiden gesprochen.

Alice Musiol

Künstlerinterview // Berlin Art Week 2015

ALICE MUSIOL – Kunst muss nicht für die Ewigkeit gemacht sein

Alice Musiol zeigt uns zur BERLIN ART WEEK 2015 bei 401contemporary wie sie mit Stoff, Streichholzschachteln und Gymnastikreifen Bildhauerei neu definiert.

Ruinart: Hubert Le Gall

Artists & Brands

Hubert Le Gall: Be open but find within yourself

Hubert Le Gall is an artist and a designer. We sat down with the Paris based artistdesigner and talked about the challenge to live both identities.

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